Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn is here...

So, that's what our beautiful beach looked like last evening.
We went down to the beach last night to collect little bits of sticks, feathers and stuff to make hex dolls to hand around the house for Halloween. We wandered way down to an empty field that used to be a beachside resort, but burnt down and was never rebuilt. The property has recently been bulldozed, so we'll probably see a condo started in the near future.

We looked around the newly turned earth and found neat old milk bottle. There's no lable on it anymore, but I thought it was a cool treasure all the same.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Playing catch-up...

It's been busy around here lately...our son in crawling all over the place, and trying to pull up on furniture...he's also in that remarkably difficult stage where everything he finds goes directly into his mouth...oh joy. For him it's a fun sensory experience. For us it means daily vaccuming and sweeping. It's amazing how fast those little hands shoot out to grab at whatever they can find. And why is it that it doesn't seem to matter how well we think we vaccumed, he still manages to find some little bit of crap.

Today we will set forth to the grocery store with the rest of the last minute sheep to purchase a turkey and such for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It should be very exiting. We may also attempt a Hallowe'en gingerbread house, just for kicks. We'll see how the day goes. We may have to put it off until next week.

Haven't done much work on the website this week...but I've been working on a purse design that I love, but is driving me around the bend trying to make it. It's getting there, slowly but surely.